Depression · love

never made for normal

My bedsheets are months old now. Smeared with bloodstains, a little handwash I spilled on a spot I now cover with my pillow, dried tears, glitter and glue from the time I made my sister a sloppy birthday present, a little juice I spilled yesterday.. and you'd think that's all. I lie here all day,… Continue reading never made for normal



Hey, you. It's been so long since we've sat down with our cups of insanely bitter black coffee, and I've depressed the shit out of you with my stories. You keep telling me to stay out of trouble, but I'm sorry; I've got another story for you today. Do you know the feeling of a… Continue reading Bitter.



I plunged deep into dark waters today, thirsty waters threatening to swallow me whole. Each droplet mocking my intense vulnerability, faint whispers tantalizing my numbed senses. Suffocating thoughts, overflowing emotions, bottomless pits and blank, dark eyes staring. They haunt my waking hours, those empty gazes; while sleep is accompanied by the greatest traitor of all:… Continue reading Haunted.