Nothing but you.

Nothing makes me sadder than unfinished poetry. It's everywhere. Scribbled in my diary, typed in a frenzy on my computer, decorating the backs of all my notebooks, etched into the wood of my desk.  Haunting me, those words whose rhymes I never found. Taking over my mind, the feelings that never found expression. Which is… Continue reading Nothing but you.

Dark · Depression · Loneliness · Running away

A Davidoff and a song

There are no answers at the bottom of a bottle, only emptiness. 10:20pm ~ you check your phone, 14 missed calls. They're worried about you. You call out to the bartender and order another whiskey. 12:03am ~ someone is nudging you, you open your eyes, squinting. The bartender's face is looming over your own. "Buddy,… Continue reading A Davidoff and a song



I plunged deep into dark waters today, thirsty waters threatening to swallow me whole. Each droplet mocking my intense vulnerability, faint whispers tantalizing my numbed senses. Suffocating thoughts, overflowing emotions, bottomless pits and blank, dark eyes staring. They haunt my waking hours, those empty gazes; while sleep is accompanied by the greatest traitor of all:… Continue reading Haunted.